Sustainability in Action

Rancho Colibrí

Regenerative Agriculture and the practice of Agroecology: Carbon Farming, Carbon Ranching, Carbon Sequestration

Different terms to denote a management practice with the goal of removing more carbon from the air and fixing/sequestering it in the soil than the energy/carbon utilized in the process to fix/sequester it. The reason we seek to achieve this goal is to be able to also meet various objectives -- both economic as well as environmental:

While our experience has shown that there are economic benefits, as well as environmental benefits, to carbon farming, it is important to point out that besides the management shift that is required to bring about change, there are also costs. Even if farmers, ranchers, and natural resource managers know that there are long-term benefits, how to deal with short-term impacts has to be considered.

Grass, Soil, Hope by Courtney White is a good place to start to become informed. Following are some resources to get further information and actual case studies that describe real life experiences. We also invite whomever is interested to come visit Rancho Colibrí and witness our experience.