Information about religion in

Latin America, the Iberian Peninsula and Europe


Latin American Evangelicals:  Made in Whose Image?
(Ruth Melkonian-Hoover and Dennis R. Hoover:  Gordon College Stillpoint, 2008)

Latin American Voters Not Toeing Catholic Line
(Hilary Burke:  June 6, 2006)

Indigenous Peoples Divided by Faith
(Diego Cevallos:  May 8, 2005)

In Latin America, A Religious Turf War
(Henry Chu: April 15, 2005)

Latin America:   Evangelical Christianity Moves the Masses --
A Report from Venezuela

(Jose Orozco:  December 8, 2004)

Catholic Church Loosing Followers in Droves
(Diego Cevallos:  October 21, 2004)

Shopping Around:
Questions about Latin American Conversions

(Edward L. Cleary:  April 2004)


Roman Catholic Church faces "dirty war" Accusations
(Alexei Barrionuevo: September 17, 2007)



Brazil's evangelical movement has become
a major social, political force

(Jack Chang:  September 27, 2006)

Brazil's Catholics Decrease as Evangelicals Rise
(Spero News: November 15, 2005)

Brazil's Priests Use Song and Dance
To Stem Catholic Church's Decline

(Monte Reel: April 14, 2005)

Brasil: Cambio de Religion
(ICPress.org: July 15, 2003)



The Strange Case of
Catholic Charismatic Priest Minor Calvo:
Accused of Fraud and Murder

(Wikipedia article, 18 December 2007)

Costa Rican Priest Adquitted in Murder Trial
But Convicted of Fraud

(Reuters Alertnet, 20 December 2007)

Three Sentenced for Journalist's Murder
(Costa Rica Blogs, 20 December 2007)

Padre Minor condemned for Fraud
but Absolved of Murder Charges

(21 December 2007)


New House Church Restrictions Go Into Effect in Cuba
(Compass Direct: September 29, 2005)


Did Mexican cardinal know of abuse claims against priest?
(Kevin G. Hall:  September 5, 2007)

One Faith Fits All -- Or Else!
(Hector Tobar:  December 15, 2005)

Catholic Church's Influence Wanes in Mexico
(Mary Jordon:  April 5, 2005)

Islam Gains Toehold in Mexico
(Alistair Bell: January 25, 2005)

Mennonites in Mexico Battle Temptations
(Sam Quiñones: October 24, 2004)

Iglesia Universal del Reino de Dios en Mexico, Primera Parte
(Marco Lara Klahr: May 17, 2004)

Iglesia Universal del Reino de Dios en Mexico, Segunda Parte
(Marco Lara Klahr: May 18, 2004)

Traditional Healers put Coke to the Test
(Teresa Bordon, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, April 2004

The "Santa Muerte" Cult in Mexico
(Susan Ferriss: March 9, 2004)

Protestantism and modernity: the implications
of religious change in contemporary rural Oaxaca

(Toomas Gross, 2003)

A War of Witches in Mexico
(A book review by Chas Clifton, Summer 1996)


Explosion of New Independent Churches on the Island
(Latin American and Caribbean News Agency:  November 8, 2005)


The World comes to Georgia, and an Old Church Adapts
(Warren St. John, The New York Times:  September 27, 2007)

Los Angeles and San Diego Roman Catholic Dioceses
Settle Sex Abuse Claims in 2007

Evangelicals Fear Loss of their Teenagers
(Loria Goodstein, The New York Times:   October 6, 2006)

Latino Catholics Increasing Drawn to Pentecostalism
(Sonya Geis, The Washington Post: April 30, 2006)

Bush's Gains Broad Based: Religion and the Presidential Vote, 2004
(The Pew Research Center: December 6, 2004)

Paul Crouch Controversy - Los Angeles Times
(William Lobdell:  September 12, 2004)

Paul Crouch Controversy - Christianity Today
(Ted Olsen:  September 13, 2004)

The Boston Globe Spotlight Investigation:
Sexual Abuse in the Roman Catholic Church

Sacerdotes y el Abuso Sexual de Minores

(Oscar Colorado, sin fecha:  www.encuentra.com)


The Weird and the Wonderful:  Witchcraft in Spain
(Ian Frewer, Expatica, March 2005)

Sectas Satanicas en España se organizan
(sin fecha, Mundo Misterioso)

Santeria, vudu y candomble en España
(sin fecha, Mundo Misterioso)


Europeans Stray from Catholicism
(Tom Hundley:   April 13, 2005)

Decline of Catholicism in Belgium
"troubling," Pope Says

(CWNews.com: November 24, 2003)

Changing Attitudes of Ireland's Catholics
(Peter Gould:   March 6, 2001)

Religion in the Emerald Tiger
(Andrew Greeley, America, 2001)